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Emil Nowak

What areas of logistics can be improved with AI?

Opportunities for warehousing, transport and forwarding. See how artificial intelligence can help your business.

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AI in logistics

Kuba Waliński

EV Glossary - learn about the most important systems

A new IT project in the eMobility industry? Want to know how power and efficiency systems work? Check out our EV glossary.

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Martyna Kąciak

Your company can gain a lot thanks to team augmentation

Building a dev team is a key moment for a company. Team augmentation facilitates this process and reduces staffing costs.

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team augmentation in Poland

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How to choose the best WMS software?

Do you want to manage warehouse operations more efficiently? Check out the features of ready-made and dedicated solutions.

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The journey from theory to practice in software engineering - Part 1

Is a theoretical education practical? Learn how to bridge the gap between theory and practice in software development.

e-mobility software
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Electric vehicle technology will defend itself

CEO Kuba Waliński shares insights on business success, drive transformation, and Tesla's tech dominance.

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Philosophy of programming

Learn the principles and practices that will help you write better code, improve your engineering quality.

Software Engineer
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Exploring unusual problems in my software engineering career

Challenging, perplexing, and ultimately rewarding software bugs. Learn how to overcome them and become a better developer.