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Przemysław Wiczołek

Exploring unusual problems in my software engineering career

Challenging, perplexing, and ultimately rewarding software bugs. Learn how to overcome them and become a better developer.

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Software Engineer

Aneta Cruz-Kąciak

EV software solutions: white-label or tailor-made?

Compare EV white label and tailor-made software to find the right solution for your business.

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EV white label vs tailor-made

Aneta Cruz-Kąciak

Electric vehicle software transforming logistics operations

The transition to electromobility in logistics is inevitable. Learn how software can help you manage your EV fleet.

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EV in logistics

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EV software companies
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How EV software companies transform mobility

Explore how electromobility is changing transportation for all and find innovative solutions.

Scrum Master
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The power of starting with the end in mind

Discover effective team goal-setting techniques and learn how to boost performance by 22%.

Logistics technology trends
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Top 5 tech trends in logistics for 2023

Check out logistics technology trends for 2023 and solutions that will reshape the future.

Royal Mail Group
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When developers stepped into the world of posties: a Royal Mail Group experience

Join Happy Team's Wojciech and Paweł as they step into the lives of posties, moving beyond code to grasp end-user realities.

e-mobility software development
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Navigating the challenges of e-mobility software development

Happy Team CEO in an interview about navigating the complexities of e-mobility software development.