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Kuba Waliński

How AI is powering self-driving cars

Are self-driving cars only the distant future? See how AI is applied to modern vehicles and what we can expect.

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Szymon Niedźwiedzki

E-commerce integrations – challenges and solutions

Find out how to ensure smooth and error-free API updates of platforms and marketplaces.

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Emil Nowak

Refactoring vs rewrite – which is better for your web application?

Plan to refresh your web app? You are keen to boost efficiency and safety. Check when to choose a code refactor and rewrite.

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Refactor or Rewrite - which is better for your web application?

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The journey from theory to practice in software engineering - part 2
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The journey from theory to practice in software engineering - Part 2

Discover surprising applications of computer science theory: job interviews, day-to-day problem-solving, and innovations.

AI in logistics
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What areas of logistics can be improved with AI?

Opportunities for warehousing, transport and forwarding. See how artificial intelligence can help your business.

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EV Glossary - learn about the most important systems

A new IT project in the eMobility industry? Want to know how power and efficiency systems work? Check out our EV glossary.

team augmentation in Poland
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Your company can gain a lot thanks to team augmentation

Building a dev team is a key moment for a company. Team augmentation facilitates this process and reduces staffing costs.

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How to choose the best WMS software?

Do you want to manage warehouse operations more efficiently? Check out the features of ready-made and dedicated solutions.