How to choose the best logistics fleet management software

Are you searching for state-of-the-art and trustworthy logistics fleet management software for your company? Do you want to unlock its hidden potential with tools that track fuel consumption, vehicle efficiency and location? Read the article and discover what logistics fleet management solutions offer and how they can help you expand your business.

What is a fleet management system?

Fleet management software allows you to track all your resource data in one place. This solution helps you to optimise their usage and keep an up-to-date service history of all fleet components. The software provides fleet managers, drivers and technicians with access to the tools and information they need, facilitating real-time business decisions. Using the fleet management system reduces paperwork, which positively impacts the environment.

What metrics can you track with logistics fleet management software?

Logistics software helps you collect essential fleet data from all vehicles on the road and monitor them within a single platform. Find out which parameters are most often tracked by the users of truck fleet management software.

Vehicle management

Monitor the position of your fleet vehicles in real-time. Fleet management software for logistics gives you access to route details, fuel consumption, operating hours and many other parameters. You can also receive notifications about vehicle condition, planned maintenance work and malfunctions.

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Driver management

Logistics software solutions streamline drivers' work by helping them manage their orders and collecting all the route data they previously had to enter manually. This way, drivers can focus on following the designated route safely and truly relax during breaks.

Vehicle safety

Tracking the exact location lets you observe whether drivers stick to the route, especially in areas where dangerous situations occur more frequently. In addition, you can monitor the condition of all vehicles and take units that require urgent maintenance out of service.

Truck fuel efficiency

Real-time insight into fuel consumption provides an assessment of fuel consumption along the route. Using this data, you can make modifications and improvements to help reduce the carbon footprint and optimise fuel costs.

Workflow optimisation

The fleet management system provides tools that automate workflow, such as scheduling orders according to delivery priorities and the availability of drivers and vehicles. Smooth work planning will increase customer satisfaction, as they will receive their orders on time.

Third-party integration

Users appreciate the flexibility of fleet tracking and maintenance systems. The ability to integrate with other business applications gives them a complete overview of the effectiveness of logistics services and the costs involved.

How to choose the best logistics fleet management software

You can choose logistics fleet management software from the available options. Depending on your company's specific needs, you might opt for custom logistics software development or an off-the-shelf solution. Why have other logistics companies chosen either tailor-made or ready-made software? Check out their reasoning below.

Suitability for your company

Off-the-shelf software offers typical features suitable for many businesses. However, if your company has unique needs, these solutions may not fully meet those requirements.

Custom logistics fleet management software is the best choice if you need a system that perfectly fits your processes. This will be a customised application and there will not be any more applications needed.


Off-the-shelf solutions usually have a lower upfront cost, making them a good choice for tight budgets. The disadvantage is that you may not need all the features in the plan or package, but you still need to pay for them.

Custom-made software has a different cost structure. Initial development costs are higher, but on the flip side, everything comes down to transferring only what you use into savings in the long term.


Although creating acustom solution takes longer, it provides software that fully corresponds with your business requirements.

Ready-made solutions can be implemented and used quickly, but you depend on the manufacturer, who can decide to shut down the application or terminate support for your product.


A personalised logistics fleet management software allows you to design the most comfortable layout of individual functionalities – from the user interface to the generation of data visualisations.

While not as customisable as tailor-made software, many off-the-shelf solutions offer configurable settings to adapt to your needs.


Tailor-made solutions can grow with your business, and their higher initial costs can be offset by their long-term benefits. They can also be designed to scale efficiently as your needs evolve.

Mainstream solutions have limitations in terms of scalability and may become costly as more resources are required. However, they offer a quick solution for businesses looking to expand rapidly.

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