When developers stepped into the world of posties: a Royal Mail Group experience

In the world of programming, grasping the essence of end-users’ daily tasks is nothing short of crucial. It demands venturing beyond lines of code and immersing oneself in the real-world experiences of those using the software. Just like a pianist who steps away from the ivory keys to embrace the same piece of music played by another musician, developers need to walk in the shoes of the users to create truly impactful software.

That’s why the developers from Happy Team, Wojciech, and Paweł, moved aside from their keyboards and immersed themselves in the lives of posties.

Embracing the life of a postie

Wojciech: “The experience of becoming a postie was both eye-opening and fascinating. I witnessed the entire process, from sorting packages to delivering them to customers’ doorsteps. Stepping into posties’ shoes gave me insights into the application I’ve been working on and helped to identify its strengths and areas for improvement. I got invaluable feedback that will help us define new requirements for the software.”

Royal Mail Group

In the heart of the office jungle

Meanwhile, Paweł navigated the bustling office district in the heart of London, accompanying posties on their daily rounds.

Paweł: “This hands-on experience allowed me to understand the challenges and frustrations faced by posties in their work. Thanks to direct interactions with frontline employees, I could observe and then communicate these observations to higher-level managers, paving the way for potential changes in software approaches.”

Programming from a new perspective

The Happy Team’s developers’ journey as posties reinforced the importance of understanding users’ daily tasks. Experiencing their realities firsthand enabled them to create software that better comprehends and supports the needs of these users.

Next steps: the adventurous world of programming

What role will our developers take on next? The possibilities are endless – from electric vehicle drivers to tourists searching for the perfect holiday spot. One thing is for sure: the experiences gained from these adventures will undoubtedly contribute to even better user-centric software solutions in the future. So, stay tuned for more exciting journeys from the Happy Team!

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