How to choose the best WMS software?

Do you manage a logistics company and want to optimise warehouse operations? Are you looking for a WMS to automate and streamline your logistics processes, thereby reducing operational costs? Read this article and find out how the best WMS systems work and which functionalities will benefit your business the most.

How does a WMS facilitate warehouse operations?

A WMS is a system for managing warehouse operations. It lets you improve the organisation of your warehouse, increase the efficiency of your staff and optimise individual processes. How exactly does a WMS work? In short, it allows for efficient control of products that flow through the warehouse (or several warehouses).

How will you streamline warehouse operations with such software? The best WMS systems will allow you, among other things:

  • to track the flow of goods and quickly establish their location,
  • to monitor current inventories and manage stock more efficiently,
  • to automate the processes of receiving deliveries and dispatching finished orders, while reducing errors,
  • to delegate tasks to your employees quickly and efficiently,
  • to produce useful reports, e.g. on warehouse efficiency.

What to look for when choosing a WMS?

The range of WMS systems on the market today is very diverse. There are solutions that will work for simple logistics processes, as well as software with advanced functionalities.

How to choose the best WMS? The starting point should always be a needs analysis, the size of the company and determining which functionalities are necessary to optimise specific warehouse processes. When choosing a WMS, it's good to consider:

  • the possibility of integrating with external software, such as the ERP system currently used by the company,
  • convenient and intuitive operation of the system, including a clear interface that facilitates not only the deployment of staff (current and future), but also the monitoring of day-to-day operations,
  • the easy scalability of the solution, which will ensure that the software can grow flexibly as the company grows, avoiding future costs.
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Best WMS systems - overview of available solutions

That is not all. The WMS can extend its functionalities. It optimises the work of many areas related to warehouse operations with solutions such as:

  • Management of inwards and outwards goods,
  • Order picking,
  • Stock management,
  • Task sequence optimisation,
  • Logistics process analysis,
  • Management of order statuses,
  • Analysis of goods flow and rotation.

In addition to the prevailing benefits, it is worth knowing the downsides of such solutions. These are first and foremost: the cost of customisation and the implementation itself, and the time required to train employees. There may also be challenges associated with the implementation of new technologies, their integration with existing systems and organisational changes to workstations.

Tailor-made WMS – why it's worth it

Instead of an off-the-shelf WMS, you can choose to implement software that is specifically developed for your company's needs.

Why do companies choose to customise their WMS? This solution is all about greater software flexibility. A dedicated WMS means that:

  • you are guaranteed a tailor-made solution for specific processes, even those that are atypical due to the company, industry or warehouse structure,
  • you only pay for solutions that you know will be used 100%,
  • you are not dependent on off-the-shelf suppliers, which can be important when upgrading the system,
  • you have influence over the personalisation of the functionality – from the way reports are generated to the design of the user interface,
  • concern about the scalability of the solution is not your problem.
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Why we are the best choice to create a dedicated WMS for your company

Even the best WMS systems will not have the desired effect if several elements are missing, which affect the success of configuration and implementation. If you cooperate with us, you get a full set. Our strengths include:


Eight years of developing software for companies in the logistics industry mean that we know which solutions will most effectively automate and optimise warehouse processes. We complement this knowledge with modern technology. Until now, we have created 3 warehouse management systems from scratch (for StoreFeeder, PeopleVox and EasyStorage), which are used by hundreds, if not thousands of users.

Prestigious partnership

One of the main partners we work with in this area is StoreFeeder. They are experts in logistics software development, serving hundreds of e-commerce companies. For the past eight years, we have been supplementing the client team with our best specialists. See the case study of this project.

Professional consulting

We will help you determine the most important requirements for a dedicated WMS and suggest which processes can take less time.

Do you have questions about your company's dedicated warehouse management system? Would you like to discuss the details and learn more about the benefits of implementing this solution in your business? Feel free to contact us.

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