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Developing one of the most powerful multi-channel eCommerce software solutions in the UK and Europe.


StoreFeeder develops software solutions that effectively tackle operational challenges in warehousing, stock management, and order fulfilment. Furthermore, StoreFeeder's solutions seamlessly integrate with leading marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as well as courier services such as Royal Mail and DPD. The company takes the lead in innovation to maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced logistics market. In 2015, StoreFeeder became a part of the Royal Mail group. Around the same time, the collaboration with Happy Team began, and ever since, we have been actively engaged in most of StoreFeeder's product lines.








8 years ongoing

Scope of work

Team augmentation

Team involved

UX/UI Designers, .NET Developers, Scrum Master, React Developers, Angular Developers, Blazor Developers


.NET, React, Angular, EF Core, SQL server, SignalR, C#, Blazor, Azure, Kafka, Redis

Project details


The shared objective of the project is to develop top-notch software for Royal Mail and the numerous eCommerce businesses that rely on StoreFeeder as their trusted solution. This has been an ongoing journey, with the software continuously in use and evolving significantly over the years.

When searching for a software development partner, StoreFeeder outlined their expectations:

  • The ability to onboard skilled and passionate developers quickly.
  • Willingness to adapt to changing requirements.
  • Proactive attitude and a culture of feedback.

Happy Team turned out to be a perfect match. Our role goes beyond simply completing tasks – we actively strive to create the best possible software.

Our role

StoreFeeder and Happy Team have been collaborating closely on various aspects of the project, including:

  • Building a high-performing team of skilled developers who are passionate about their work and adaptable to changing requirements.

  • Software development that aligns with project objectives: transforming from monolithic to microservices architecture for enhanced scalability and flexibility, integrating multiple systems to streamline operations and improve efficiency, developing tailored-made software to address specific business needs and challenges.

  • Shaping project and team management processes to ensure efficient coordination and communication across multiple teams.

  • Implementing an agile mindset to foster flexibility and responsiveness in the project's approach.


The first successful deployment paved the way for a wide range of collaborative endeavours. Since the beginning of our partnership, Happy Team has actively participated in StoreFeeder’s software development efforts, including:

  • Warehouse and order management: a large-scale solution that offers seamless integrations with various sales platforms, couriers, and financial systems. While currently using a monolithic architecture,the software is undergoing migration to microservices, ensuring better scalability and future adaptability alongside other StoreFeeder projects.

  • Shipping management: a powerful software solution designed for demanding business users. It integrates with popular sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay, generates shipping labels, and consolidates shipment management for multiple courier companies.

  • Label printing: a backend service that significantly improves and accelerates warehouse operations. Upon scanning the barcode, shipping labels are immediately printed by a designated desktop client. The software is compatible with multiple machines and printers. It also integrates with the web application to automatically receive print orders and provide real-time feedback on the printing status.

  • Backoffice portal: a user-friendly support portal that provides an interface to manage integration tasks and control available functionalities. It empowers users to efficiently oversee and optimise their operations through a centralised platform.

For more information check our client's website:
Our 'Click and Drop' project has transformed StoreFeeder's business


revenue increase in the past 7 years


users generating millions of postage labels every day

Test of time

passed, initial software version still in use

How we deliver: StoreFeeder testimonial

How we deliver: StoreFeeder testimonial

“We couldn’t have done what we’ve done without Happy Team. It’s the expertise, the passion, the knowledge. It’s really helped us deliver to Royal Mail and helped us grow as a business.”

Brian Williamson Managing Director

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