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At Happy Team, we fully comprehend the potential of electric mobility for both businesses and the environment. We are the go-to provider of EV software solutions, helping companies tap into this rapidly expanding sector.

Explore our EV software solutions

We are the first to explore cutting-edge EV solutions, which positions us as an ideal partner for EV software development. Our services include charging station software, battery management systems, telematics, and fleet management.

Charging stations software

Solutions designed to meet the needs of both station providers and users: from charging station management and monitoring to reservations, payment integrations, and automated billing.

Home battery charging control

Software for home battery charging, integrated with solar panels and home energy storage systems.

In-car dashboard & infotainment

Customisable Tesla dashboard for easy access to favourite infotainment apps, plus features like gate and garage opener controls.

Fleet management

Tailor-made fleet management solutions to meet the unique needs of each client and reveal the full potential of their electric vehicle fleets, optimise efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Our services

Our services in EV software development include team augmentation, product development, and technical consultancy.

Team augmentation
Product development
Technical consultancy
Team augmentation

Scale your team with our skilled professionals.

Choose this service if you:

  • Need rapid professional support for your project.
  • Have tight deadlines.
  • Need to adapt quickly to changing requirements.
Product development

Let our team of engineers bring your idea to life.

Choose this service if you:

  • Need expertise in multiple aspects of EV software development.
  • Want the final product to meet the highest standards and perform reliably.
  • Wish to save the hassle of assembling an in-house team and investing in infrastructure.
Technical consultancy

Kickstart your project with our Chief Technology Officer.

Choose this service if you:

  • Need assistance in identifying the necessary tech stack for your EV software solution.
  • Want to learn about industry best practices.
  • Require support in assembling the optimal project team.

Why choose us?

Our track record speaks volumes. For over 8 years, we've partnered with companies of all sizes, from startups to corporations, in the UK, Norway, Spain, South Africa, and Poland.

  • We are passionate electric vehicle enthusiasts.
  • Our expert software engineers hold degrees in electrical engineering.
  • The technologies we deliver ensure both revenue generation and future stability.
  • We prioritise trust and understanding for long-term partnerships.
  • Our team maintains excellence through top-notch skills, rigorous recruitment, and ongoing training.
  • Quality is a non-negotiable aspect of our work.
  • Agile methods and modern communication tools enable us to collaborate effectively.
  • We provide feedback and maintain transparency to empower client decision-making.
Get in touch with us today to discover how we can accelerate your business growth in the exciting world of electric mobility.

Case studies

In our portfolio, you will find high-quality solutions for diverse sectors. Dive deeper into our case studies to learn about the projects we are particularly proud of.


What exactly are EV software solutions?

EV software solutions refer to a suite of software tools and technologies designed specifically for the management, operation, and maintenance of electric vehicles. They can include battery management systems, navigation tools, charging station locators, and more.

How do electric vehicle software solutions enhance the performance of my EV business?

Electric vehicle software solutions can enhance your EV business in multiple ways:

  • Optimise energy consumption.
  • Fine-tune vehicle parameters for a smoother driving experience.
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • Remote updates to keep EVs up-to-date with new features.
  • Data-driven insights on customer preferences and driving patterns.
  • Customisable user interfaces.
  • Integration with smart infrastructure and IoT devices.
  • Fleet management.
  • Contribute to sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Stand out in the market with advanced software-driven features.

Are EV software development services necessary for my business?

If your business is related to electric vehicles, EV software development services can prove to be crucial. They allow you to customise software solutions to match the unique needs of your business and customers, leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

How can EV software development services improve my customers' experience?

EV software development services can significantly enhance your customers' experience by providing user-friendly apps for vehicle control, locating charging stations, planning routes, and offering personalised suggestions based on usage patterns.

Can electric vehicle software development help enhance the efficiency of EVs?

Yes, electric vehicle software development is designed to improve the efficiency of EVs. It can optimise battery performance, enable smart charging, and provide predictive maintenance alerts, all of which contribute to the vehicle's overall efficiency.

How do EV software solutions contribute to the overall lifespan of an electric vehicle?

EV software solutions help monitor battery health, provide predictive maintenance, and ensure optimal vehicle performance. This, in turn, can enhance the lifespan of an electric vehicle.

What kind of businesses can benefit from electric vehicle software development services?

Any business in the electric vehicle value chain can benefit from electric vehicle software development services. This includes EV manufacturers, charging station providers, fleet operators, and service centres.

How does EV software development contribute to sustainability?

EV software development can contribute to sustainability by optimising energy usage, promoting efficient driving habits, and encouraging the use of renewable energy for charging. This, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint of electric vehicles.

What features are typically included in EV software solutions?

Typical features in EV software solutions include real-time vehicle diagnostics, energy management, charging station finder, route optimisation, predictive maintenance, and remote vehicle control.

How can my business start with electric vehicle software development?

Starting with electric vehicle software development involves identifying your unique business needs, partnering with a reliable software development company, defining your software requirements, and then proceeding with the development process.

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