EV software solutions: white-label or tailor-made?

No matter the industry, services, or products, the client's business needs always come first. While we might be tempted to put technology in the spotlight, it's better to maintain sight of this primary focus. That's why when choosing between EV white-label or tailor-made software, the business needs, goals, and objectives should be the first to think about.


What hides behind the EV white-label concept? The book definition says, ‘White label deals consist of licensing one company’s software or digital product together with permission to rebrand it as the licensee’s own product.’ In brief, you purchase ready-made software and customise it to your company's branding. This sounds promising, doesn't it? Indeed, there are many pros.

EV white-label solutions' best features:

  • Cost-effective – no need to invest heavily in developing new software.
  • Short time-to-market – the solution is already there and ready for use; this is the measurable advantage in fast-moving industries like EVs.
  • Technical support, updates, and maintenance services are provided, ensuring the smooth operation of the software for the end users.

EV white-label is almost plug-and-play, enabling you to quickly get a ready-to-use product that can enter the market in no time.

From the ground up

What’s on the flip side of the imaginary coin with EV white-label on one side? Tailor-made software designed from scratch, especially for your business. It meets the unique requirements and easily integrates with the existing systems.

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Tailor-made software offers several advantages, including:

  • Full customisation – not only are the specific business requirements met, but unique features may be implemented that differentiate the solution, giving it a unique competitive advantage.
  • Comprehensive integration – the new solution is always designed to integrate with other systems and processes in the organisation easily; no more worries about the domino effect where implementing one application requires changes in five others.
  • Scalability – the business grows, and the solution can be easily accommodated.

While tailor-made solutions may be costly upfront, they usually save money in the long term and are easy to upgrade, keeping you ahead of the technological curve.

Striking the balance

With the pros listed for both EV white-label and tailor-made solutions, it is easy to name their cons, so we can skip that part. Instead, let’s refer again to the business needs to make the best choice.

Opt for the EV white-label solution if you:

  • Need to act quickly.
  • Do not want to invest a lot at the beginning.
  • Prefer to test the market first with the EV white-label software before opting for a full-scale custom solution.
  • Don't have an in-house IT team with the expertise to develop EV software .
  • Want to focus on your core business activities and leave the software development to the experts.

Choose the tailor-made software if you:

  • Have unique requirements.
  • Need to integrate the new solution with the existing software perfectly.
  • Aim to distinguish your product from the competition.
  • Have the budget and resources to invest in custom software development.
  • Anticipate future growth and need a solution that can be scaled.


Get inspired by others and check if there is an organisation similar to yours on our list.

These companies decided to go for EV white-label software:

  • A startup that received a donation and needed to launch an EV charging network within a tight deadline.
  • A small-scale logistics company that invested in electric vehicles and wanted to add EV management functionalities to its existing fleet management platform.
  • A hotel that wanted to offer EV charging to its guests.
  • A municipal authority that looked to establish a basic EV infrastructure.
  • A commercial real estate developer interested in integrating EV charging stations into its properties.
  • An educational institution that sought to provide EV charging facilities for its staff and students.

They chose tailor-made EV software:

  • A large-scale logistics company with numerous EV fleets and complex management systems.
  • A utility company that established a complex EV charging network.
  • An automotive manufacturer that incorporated advanced EV management software into production and distribution processes.
  • A government agency that developed a national EV charging infrastructure.
EV white label or tailor-made

Have it all

There is one more option on the table: a hybrid solution that would combine the affordability of EV white-label with the customizability of tailor-made software.

Usually, a hybrid solution has its EV white-label foundation with core functionalities such as EV charging management, fleet management, and reporting. Then, extra features may be added, e.g. integrations with existing systems, support for specific EV charging hardware, or some unique features that would beat the competitors.

It looks like it is possible to have it all!

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