Your company can gain a lot thanks to team augmentation

Team building is a key moment for a company or a specific project. However, this comes with a huge responsibility, especially if you need experts in specific technologies or niches. Fortunately, the nature of this industry allows talent to be sourced from anywhere in the world, giving greater control over employment costs. Team augmentation is a service through which we seamlessly recruit professionals for your company in a highly specialised Polish IT market.

What is team augmentation about?

The team augmentation service provides you with the opportunity to run programming projects without having to hire in-house specialists. This can range from building an entire team to supplementing it with well-defined competencies.

For example, your in-house IT team may be working brilliantly on a day-to-day basis, but for a new project, you need someone with excellent knowledge of a particular programming language or technology. You can then expand your team and complete the project, avoiding the paperwork associated with hiring a new person.

Team augmentation is a form of IT outsourcing in which we search for people with the right skills for you, and handle the recruitment and hiring processes. Meanwhile, you can carry out technology projects efficiently without worrying about excessive paperwork or workstation equipment.

Scale your team with experienced software engineers

Why should you augment your team in Poland?

Poland is known for its highly skilled professionals, especially in fields such as programming. It can be said that this country is a growing hub for software engineers. Around 65% of Polish programmers work remotely for foreign companies.

Compared to countries such as the UK or Germany, labour costs are much more affordable here. However, a lower price does not mean lower quality. Just the other way around! In such a competitive labour market, candidates need to present a high standard so the availability of experts is more common here.

Communication? No problem at all

If you are thinking about team augmentation in Poland, perhaps the question in your mind is whether foreign employees will be able to work smoothly with the rest of the team and whether communication difficulties may occur.

It is a fact that most programmers in Poland work for foreign companies. In our industry, knowing and using English at work is a standard. What's more, at our company, Happy Team, our main client is a UK-based company, we operate in an international environment every day, and our employees develop their language skills through additional courses. As early as during the recruitment interview, we verify their English communication skills to make sure that our cooperation is not hindered by a language barrier.

There is another reason to develop your team with Polish programmers - their location. A common or very close time zone definitely facilitates communication. This offers the possibility of having regular calls at the same time of the day. Geographical proximity also allows smooth business travel between different company branches and blurs cultural differences that could cause misunderstandings between employees.

team augmentation in Poland

What does the team augmentation process look like?

In our cooperation with clients, we emphasise comfort and transparency. We strive to make each step of cooperation clear and understandable to our business partners.

The team augmentation process is based on several key steps:

  • Kick-off
  • Candidate pool preparation
  • Screening call
  • Feedback
  • Technical interview with the CTO
  • Documentation and onboarding

We start the collaboration with an online meeting or ask you to fill in a simple form. We want to understand what kind of candidates you are looking for, what the project will look like and what competencies and technologies will be useful in the project.

Based on the information collected, we will prepare a pool of IT specialists. In such a database, we collect CVs, main information about candidates and our initial feedback to narrow down further searches.

The next step is to conduct an interview to assess whether the candidate is a perfect fit with the company culture. We concentrate on communication skills, motivation and fit for the position. Our clients also receive regular feedback on the recruitment process, which allows for transparent communication and rapid adjustment of actions if necessary.

The best candidates then undergo a technical interview with our CTO, who assesses their technical skills and problem-solving abilities. If the candidate passes this stage, we present their CV to the client, who decides on the next stage of the employment process. Once the recruitment process is complete, we coordinate the onboarding efforts to ensure a smooth start in the new project.

Build Your Team with Happy Team

If you plan to expand your IT team, staff augmentation in Poland will be really convenient for you. This is a great solution for businesses which want to grow quickly and also for those trying to manage their budgets carefully. Polish developers are keen to work in an international environment and have experience in doing so. If you need more information on potential candidates, please contact us. We will certainly find the right person for your projects.

Do you want to know more about our Team Augmentation process? Watch this video to explore details.

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