Transforming online sales for Chabin

Custom software for e-commerce in the horticulture machinery industry.


For almost 40 years, Chabin has excelled as a distributor of lawnmowers and spare parts in the horticultural market. Their extensive dealer network has driven the company’s success, and now they aim to expand sales through popular marketplaces and their online shop. However, the tailor-made web store fell short. It demanded programming skills for even minor updates, limiting the independence of the sales and marketing teams. Integration with other vital systems within the company, such as warehouse management and CRM, was also lacking. After encountering numerous setbacks with other vendors, who failed to provide a viable solution and proposed a lengthy development process spanning several years, Chabin finally joined forces with Happy Team.






Horticulture machinery e‑commerce


1 year ongoing

Scope of work

Software development

Team involved

PHP developer


React, PHP, Ant Design, Laravel, PostgreSQL, Redis

Project details


The primary objectives of this project were to meet the company's specific business needs, especially with the impending high sales season on the horizon.

The scope of the project included the following key aims:

  • Developing a cost-effective and user-friendly online shop that is easy for the sales team to maintain.

  • Integrating various accounting, sales management, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to streamline data flow within the company.

  • Improving the existing processes of order management.

Our role

We focused on meeting the client's primary needs within a short timeframe. The work included:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the company's specific requirements and needs.
  • Analysing workflows and the software used by the company to optimise the project's scope, time, and costs.

  • Developing and deploying the software.
  • Providing technical support after deployment.


The company now has a fully customised online shop based on an off-the-shelf solution, which was quick to implement and cost-effective. Furthermore, any team member can easily update the shop without the need for advanced skills to manage it.

In addition to the online shop, we developed an intuitive dealers map from scratch. This user-friendly feature enables web visitors to locate the closest dealers and explore the brands they offer.

We designed a user-friendly web application that automated the order packing and labelling process. Employees can simply scan the barcode of an order, select the shipping company, adjust the package size, and print the label with just a few clicks.

Moreover, we successfully integrated various systems within the company, including warehouse and order management, marketplaces, accounting, invoicing, and CRM. As a result, client and order databases are now synchronised, streamlining operations and significantly improving overall efficiency.

Thanks to these transformative changes, Chabin is now well-positioned to expand its commercial reach and enter new global marketplaces.

For more information check our client's website:

How we deliver: Chabin testimonial

How we deliver: Chabin testimonial

“Happy Team is the best company we’ve worked with. They were specialists.”

Bartek Janiszewski CEO & Co-Founder of Chabin

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