Cloud platform for energy storage systems

Providing strategic guidance on programming technologies for the Battery Cloud platform, which monitors Evyon's energy storage systems based on repurposed EV batteries.


Evyon's mission is to extract maximum value from second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries by repurposing them safely and cost-effectively using data-driven methods. Evyon’s innovative storage systems are scalable and can be customized for various applications, including commercial buildings, EV charging stations, construction sites, and backup power. Studies used by Evyon have shown that second-life batteries can last more than ten years if they are selected, configured, and operated correctly. That's why Evyon began developing the Battery Cloud platform, which enables the collection and storage of live and historical data. By learning from all of Evyon's battery systems, Battery Cloud brings safety and performance improvements.






Sustainable energy


6 months

Scope of work

CTO as a Service

Team involved

CTO, .NET Developers


ASP.NET 6, C#, ReactJS, Python, GCP, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis

Project details


As a startup, Evyon had an innovative business idea and extraordinary expertise in hardware. However, the missing piece of the puzzle was software development. The challenge was to choose the right technology and service providers and to assemble an effective team of developers who would work on the new software: The Battery Cloud.

Our role

The Battery Cloud platform MVP was built from scratch.

The work included:

  • Aligning the technology with Evyon's business needs.
  • Assisting with decision-making on which programming technologies to invest in.
  • Creating a software project roadmap.
  • Assembling a team of software developers.
  • Supporting the solution's deployment.


We used the CTO-as-a-Service model to ensure that the software solution fully aligns with the company's innovative business needs and hardware. The entire process was managed using agile methods, prioritising features and improvements that would impact customer satisfaction.

The CTO supported the recruitment process of developers, resulting in the formation of a skilled software project team capable of independently continuing the development of the solution.

Consequently, the Battery Cloud platform has been seamlessly integrated with other customer services and platforms through APIs. Existing clients receive over-the-air updates, and the data collected from the battery systems allows for further improvements and developments.

For more information check our client's website:

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