Platform for bank corporate clients for the Business Science Corporation

Fintech software providing corporate clients with quick and easy access to banking products


Business Science Corporation (BSC) merges science and technology for process automation and productivity solutions across industries. BSC's advanced fintech platform enables seamless access to bank products for corporate clients with accounting system integration, facilitating quick loan decisions and personalised offerings. During the second phase of the platform's development, unforeseen challenges emerged. The time frame was tight, and the need for rapid team augmentation became evident. Happy Team met the challenge, and one of our skilled senior developers joined the project team.




South Africa




2 years ongoing

Scope of work

Team augmentation

Team involved



NET 6.0, EF Core 6.0, MediatR, xUnit, NSwag, Web API, SQL Server, Angular 14, RxJS, Angular-Material, TypeScript

Business needs and goals


The project's primary objective was efficient team augmentation to meet the tight deadline.

To successfully complete the project, we carefully selected senior software developers who could quickly integrate into the international team. In addition to high programming skills, we looked for the developers' ability to rapidly grasp the client's business needs, experience working within an Agile team, and excellent communication skills.

Now, our developers fill roles that require expertise and experience the internal IT team may lack, supporting the development of new features.

Our role

Happy Team’s role:

  • Software development.
  • Implementation of new functionalities according to UX/UI designs and business analysis, including integrations with external systems such as XERO and Quickbooks.
  • Implementation of functionalities related to importing data from external sources.
  • Bug fixing for existing functionalities.
  • Code refactoring.


The platform for corporate bank clients is designed for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and their accountants.

It has three main user groups:

  • Accountants have access to banking specialists, can manage all accounting documents in one place, and apply for loans or open bank or trust accounts.
  • Entrepreneurs can submit financing applications for term loans, overdraft facilities, and revolving credit, and can manage roles and permissions for their accountants and staff members.
  • Bank consultants can verify financing applications, assist with completing applications, and verify clients and their application process within the system.

The system has a detailed permission and role scheme to specify user operational capabilities based on their assigned role, business, or type of action within the system.
The platform can also retrieve data related to businesses from external services.

For more information check our client's website:

"The team is exceptional, and they communicate effectively. Happy Team works quickly and is transparent in their approach."

Michail Scholiadis, Director of BSC

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